Partnership with Clube VII

One of the most prestigious clubs of Lisbon is now our partner.
For Padel players is, without a doubt, very good news.
Benefit from a 10% discount by organizing your matches through Buddy for Sports (don’t forget to click the “Confirm Event” button and validate with the reception desk at the club).
Come play Padel in Clube VII and feel the difference to play sports in the city center.

Address: Parque Eduardo VII, 1070-099 Lisboa

Correr Lisboa and Buddy for Sports

Buddy for Sports has a new partner, Correr Lisboa, a community of runners who aims to motivate people to run in Lisbon.
Correr Lisboa is, according to its founders, a community of fun runners, friendly and welcoming those who want to start running or just want to beat their record. They organize continuous training for more than two years on Lisbon university campus and also in other places in town.

Training with Correr Lisboa
Training with Correr Lisboa

With the motto “Together we will put Lisbon to run,” they already have 18,000 followers on Facebook and nearly a thousand participants in their events every month.
The goal of this partnership is that the various training sessions of Correr Lisboa start to be organized on Buddy for Sports, encouraging people to join in training through the platform. Correr Lisboa
The “followers” of Correr Lisboa will be able to view in the mobile app, training dates and time, who will be attending and take advantage of a high degree of interactivity since for each event (training) there is an area of chat where they can exchange comments and opinions.

Bruno Claro, founder of Correr Lisboa, says “with this partnership we hope to reach more people and attract more participants to our events.”

For Buddy for Sports, this is an important partnership as this is an active community in terms of training and has a significant number of participants. This allows us to achieve a greater number of users that love running while enabling these participants to meet other runners through our platform.

So, come running in Lisbon with Buddy!

Correr Lisboa

An update with a lot of new features

After two months since the launch of the Open Beta, we prepare to launch an update with new and exciting features!

So what’s new?



One of the main features of this update is the support for multiple languages. In addition to English, Buddy for Sports will be available in Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish and French.

Event Filters

The current version shows you all the events taking place in accordance with the sports that you chose in your profile. We wanted to go further and make easier the process of searching for events in the application. So, the new version will allow you to list the events according to the following search criteria:

  • Sport
  • Gender
  • Skill level
  • Events with or without participants
  • Type of venue (you can search for events taking place in our Venue Partners)
  • Date
  • Location

The location is particularly important, and you will be able to search for events in “My Location”, “Close to …” (you can set the number of km’s) and “Country” (lets you find events in a given country).

Private Events

In response to multiple requests of our users, we created this type of event. Unlike “normal” events, private events do not appear listed in the event list, being only visible to the participants.

You will be able to create a private event via the normal flow of event creation by choosing the “Private Event” option in the “Advanced Options” screen.

Once created, you can invite more players to a private event by sharing the event or inviting other users directly from the app (another new feature that will be discussed later).

So, if you don’t want anyone to know that you are going to play … create a private event!

Recurring Events

Do you organize a game every week with your friends? Are you a coach and want to organize your daily lessons through Buddy for Sports? If so, then the recurring events will be a great help!

There will be three types of recurring events:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Timely

The first two categories don’t need any explanation, right? The big news is in timely recurring events. This was something that we were asked to develop by teachers, coaches and PT’s, who wanted an easier and faster way to create their events in our platform.

How it works? Let’s assume you want to create four events of 1h each. On the “Advanced Options” screen, simply choose the 60-minute time interval with a total duration of four hours. Buddy will then create four events of 1h each.
Pretty easy, right?

Number of participants on the event

With the next update will be able to set the maximum number of participants allowed on the event. By default, some sports have already set the number of participants in the event (Ex: Football 7 total of 14 participants) but this option will allow you to define a new number of participants to the typically required. For sports where there is no defined number of participants, just choose how many you want!

Find a Buddy / Chat

The two variants reflected in our slogan, “Find a Buddy. Play Sports “, will be even more present in the app. In addition to allowing an even faster and easier organization of sporting activity (“Play Sports!”), you will be able to look for new partners and opponents anywhere in the world (“Find a Buddy!”).

The new functionality “Find a Buddy” can be accessed via the side menu or by creating an event.

Search users by name, sport, gender, skill level, country or city. Registered users, which correspond to your search criteria, will be shown and you can send private messages to them.

In the Chat menu will be displayed all messages exchanged with other users.

So, you no longer will have an excuse for not playing sports!

Special Events

We thought at “Special Events” as bigger events, such as running events, tournaments, workshops, etc. Clubs and companies will be able to create this type of events on Buddy by setting specific admissions criteria and details for enrollment.

Users will be able to register in these events through the app.

Today, in the vast majority of this type of events, you can’t know in advance who will be present, so there is no any chance of interactivity between people enrolled. With the “Special Events” feature, this panorama radically changes because it will be possible for users to view who will be participating on the event and, similarly to what happens in the “normal” events, the Chat feature will also be available!


As we always mentioned, Buddy for Sports is a platform developed for and by athletes. Many of the features now present in the app, and some that will feature in this update, were suggested by users and by our official partners.

Your feedback is very valuable to us! If you have any suggestions please use the functionality of “Send feedback” in the app or contact us via e-mail.

Our goal is to help you play sports, so:

Find a Buddy. Play Sports!

HO SOCCER Portugal Partnership: get a 15% discount!

We are pleased to announce that HO SOCCER Portugal is now an official partner of Buddy for Sports.

With the support of more than 400 professional goalkeeper in the world, HO SOCCER provides a variety of products for all goalkeeper, whatever the age, ability, quality of terrain or weather.

In the last 10 seasons HO SOCCER Portugal won 30 titles:
3 Uefa Europa League, 8 National Leagues, 6 Portugal Cups, 7 Super Cups and 6 League Cups.

HO SOCCER also features a range of football balls for all ages, abilities and surfaces.

To celebrate this partnership, all users of Buddy for Sports can benefit from a 15% discount on the purchase of any product in the HO SOCCER online store.

Conditions of use:

  • You must to register in HO SOCCER online store with the same email address used in Buddy for Sports registration
  • Voucher valid for a single purchase
  • Voucher Validity: 15 days (since the day you receive our email)
  • Request your discount voucher via email:

Nacional Padel

Would you like to play Padel in Lisbon? We are pleased to announce our first partner: Nacional Padel.

This new partnership will allow those who organize their games through Buddy for Sports, to benefit from a 10% discount on the field rental. For this, all you have to do is to click the “Confirm Event” button on the event created and validate it with the club reception desk.

For those who have not had the opportunity to play Padel, here is a good opportunity. Join friends via Buddy and come play Padel at the Nacional Padel in Lisbon.

Club Description:

  • 4 fields
  • 3 covered fields
  • Bar
  • Store of Padel equipment
  • Bathhouse
  • Parking Lot

Buddy for Sports: Find a Buddy. Play Sports!

Those who practice sports on a regular basis have certainly come across the situation in which it was not possible to play that match because someone was missing, or one of the players had to drop out at the last minute, or simply because you’re tired of playing with someone who is always a bad loser!

Buddy for Sports solves these issues  and is the solution for:

  • When players are missing for a match
  • Finding new partners and adversaries with the same skill level
  • Finding new venues to practice sports

Our slogan, “Find a Buddy. Play Sports!” presents the two sides of Buddy: find new people to play with, and be a useful tool to organize your sports activities for those who already have their own usual teams.

Sports Quizz

Prior to developing Buddy, we wanted to get better acquainted with the sports habits of the amateur sports people. For this we drafted a quizz and got around 500 replies from sports people from several countries.
We wanted to know the sports that people play the most and how often people play them

Most played Sports
Play frequency







Jogging/Running is undoubtedly the most practiced sports followed closely by Walking, MTB/Cycling and Football (especially Futsal and Football 7). Padel confirms its great current popularity, and its dramatic expansion in Portugal.

When asked about how often people do it (we’re still talking about sports, right?) the most frequent answer was 2 or 3 times per week.

And which difficulties do people encounter when they want to play sports?

The top three difficulties:

  • Finding the right venue
  • Matching the agendas of all people involved
  • Getting the right number of people (to play team sports)
Curiosity: on the "individual" sports (e.g.: Jogging) several people mentioned they often didn't do it because they had no company.

While developing Buddy we took into account all the issues mentioned by those who answered our quizz.

Do you know which ways people use most to organize their matches or sports activities?

“Tradicional” methods such as telephone, SMS and e-mail are the most used ones. Facebook and WhatsApp come second.
This shows that in order to organize a sports event people use several time consuming tools!

Share WithBuddy you’re able to share an event (by the way, we call “event” to any type of sports activity) with your friends through e-mail, SMS, Facebook and WhatsApp. All you have to do is one click!

The importance of the Skill Level

Sports people know how important it is to find partners or adversaries with a similar skill level. In fact, some of the inquirees mentioned this as a decisive factor to playing or not.

In Buddy for Sports we have four different skill levels:Skill Level

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Pro

As you fill in your profile, you should choose the skill level appropriate to each sport you play..
Your skill level will have a direct impact on the events you can join. For example, if your skill level is intermediate, you will not be able to join events with other skill levels.

My Events

For those who like to keep track of his/her sports activities, “My Events” option is a valuable feature. The app logs all the events you took part in and you can also register the final scores of your matches!


We want to reward our users, and what better way to do it than offering discounts in the field and facilities rates?
The most part of our partner clubs offer discounts to Buddy users, so start now creating and organizing your matching through the app!
As you click the “Confirm Event” button, an automatic e-mail is sent to the club’s reception, including the names of those who are going to play. As you pay, you benefit from the discount. It’s that easy!


This is a dynamic app, developed with the help of the users and our partners..
This app is for sportspeople and we are counting on your feedback to make it better and better!

Find a Buddy. Play Sports!