Correr Lisboa and Buddy for Sports

Buddy for Sports has a new partner, Correr Lisboa, a community of runners who aims to motivate people to run in Lisbon.
Correr Lisboa is, according to its founders, a community of fun runners, friendly and welcoming those who want to start running or just want to beat their record. They organize continuous training for more than two years on Lisbon university campus and also in other places in town.

Training with Correr Lisboa
Training with Correr Lisboa

With the motto “Together we will put Lisbon to run,” they already have 18,000 followers on Facebook and nearly a thousand participants in their events every month.
The goal of this partnership is that the various training sessions of Correr Lisboa start to be organized on Buddy for Sports, encouraging people to join in training through the platform. Correr Lisboa
The “followers” of Correr Lisboa will be able to view in the mobile app, training dates and time, who will be attending and take advantage of a high degree of interactivity since for each event (training) there is an area of chat where they can exchange comments and opinions.

Bruno Claro, founder of Correr Lisboa, says “with this partnership we hope to reach more people and attract more participants to our events.”

For Buddy for Sports, this is an important partnership as this is an active community in terms of training and has a significant number of participants. This allows us to achieve a greater number of users that love running while enabling these participants to meet other runners through our platform.

So, come running in Lisbon with Buddy!

Correr Lisboa